Cecilia Brandolini creates and plays widescreen alt-pop. The way she goes about her craft,
introducing the alt to the mainstream one show at a time, someday soon the whole world will be
in the spotlight with her.

Ask her about her early memories and Cecilia will tell you, “I hardly talked as a kid, I was so shy, but
I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember. Mum taught me to how to play piano when I
was eight and then I spent the whole year in my room with the door locked, singing.”

By the age of nine, Cecilia had written her first song. “It was about sitting on the trampoline with
my dog, Crumbs, who was my best friend. It was about how happy I was.”

That happy little girl still lives inside Cecilia. You can see it in her smile and hear it in her rhythmic, piano-to-the-front pop songs that exist to help you carry the weight of your world while getting back
in touch with the child inside.

Cecilia Brandolini is quietly fierce. As a queer woman, she carries herself proudly into a world she knows won’t always welcome her, clearing a path for all who want to walk by her side.

“The whole thing about you shouldn’t walk alone at night, because you’re a woman? No, I should do
that, because you should be allowed to do that. I should be able to live and, if something happens
to me, that’s not my fault.

“I’m willing to risk my life to live, to stand for what I think is fair.”

That boldness is what you’ll find in Cecilia Brandolini’s music. Her songs are moving,
inspiring, sometimes sad, but always fixed on the light that comes with a life lived fully

“It feels like a waste of time not to just go for things,” Cecilia says when asked about
her approach to music, to life. “That’s why my performances are always very
intentional. People have tried to stop me along the way and sometimes is still
terrifies me, but my excitement always wins.”

When you step into the world of Cecilia Brandolini’s music expect to be
transported by the melodies and the ecstasy in her voice. Once you’re in,
don’t be surprised when Cecilia changes your entire world.

"Cecilia Brandolini is a rare talent. Exciting and creative well beyond
her age!'' - Mama Kin


Cecilia Brandolini - Vocals / Piano
Regan Dale - Drums

Evan Walsh - Bass

Willow Fearns - Electric Guitar
Miranda Murray-Yong - Cello

Monti Brandolini - Viola